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Water Tower Place Resident Endorses Window Condensation Solution

Posted by:
  • tom
  • November 12, 2015

The Renovation Company prides itself on its mission statement which includes “INNOVATIVE.” We find solutions for our clients no matter what obstacle comes their way. One such solution was our Window Condensation Control application for our clients in high-rise buildings that were built before the mid-1980’s. Our discreet application allows our clients to access a comfortable humidification level without the issue of wet, frozen windows. One client at 180 East Pearson, Water Tower Place, could not leave her condo because she had to mop up water three times per day! She has been overjoyed with the result and says, “As a user of this system for three winters, I can attest to its efficacy in removing all traces of condensation from my windows, even in conditions of high humidity throughout my residence. I appreciate the sleek design and high level of expertise with which it was installed. I recommend this product in any residence experiencing condensation issues.” Clients all over Chicago are now thrilled to enjoy comfortable living without the mess, thanks to our innovative problem-solving and keen expertise. The Renovation Company has victoriously uncovered the “Art of Humidity” for winter condominiums!

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