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Condensation Control

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Aluminum window frame condensation is a common problem in many high rise buildings. With no thermal break, cold weather travels directly to the interior side of the frame, where it freezes and condenses the surrounding ambient moisture. This creates quite a mess, not to mention serious damage to your home and furnishings. Since window replacement is not an option, we have a patented, discreet solution to this problem. Our method stealthily applies heat directly to the various components of the window frame through a UL approved electric cable and capped with a custom aluminum trim system. Comfortable winter living with no mess.

“As a user of this system for three winters, I can attest to its efficacy in removing all traces of condensation from my windows, even in conditions of high humidity throughout my residence. I appreciate the sleek design and high level of expertise with which it was installed. I recommend this product in any residence experiencing condensation issues.” -Current Water Tower Place Resident, 180 East Pearson, Chicago